Complete protection, monitored and managed
by our BIT Security team

Our Assured package offers a complete assurance of your cybersecurity, managed by our expert team. It includes everything in our Essential and Extended packages, PLUS:

  • Microsoft OneDrive and Sharepoint Back-up
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Threat Hunting
  • Email Filtering
  • Automatic Quarantine
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • 24-hour monitoring

This comprehensive integration and protection of your people, and systems ensures every aspect of your cybersecurity is covered. It goes beyond addressing the most critical business risks, keeping your business secure 24/7. Our team reacts and mitigates escalation when threats are detected. With our 24-hour response, any suspicious activity is investigated thoroughly, every time!

If you’re looking for complete protection, monitored and managed by our BIT Security team, then the Assured package is the perfect solution for you.

Your Assured Package
includes the following software


Next-Gen Anti-Virus


We deploy CrowdStrike which uses world-class AI, the CrowdStrike Security Cloud identifies shifts in adversarial tactics, to automatically prevent threats in real-time, keeping you ahead of today’s threats and stop a breach. CrowdStrike uniquely uses behaviour-based identifiers to stop all forms of malware, CrowdStrike’s cloud-native next-gen antivirus protects against all types of attacks from commodity malware to sophisticated attacks — even when offline.


Simulated Phishing Campaigns


Phishing campaigns are still the number one attack vector used by malicious actors to infiltrate organisations networks and systems, our managed simulated phishing service trains user and staff ability to detect and react to suspicious email activity, improving the organisations security posture and reducing the likelihood of compromise. Our simulated campaigns are selected by our team according to the topics and sectors most pertinent to your organisation and are delivered directly to your users inbox over a selected period.


Bespoke Security Awareness


As an MSSP, BIT Security are well attuned to the ever-changing cyber threat landscape, as such we’re well equipped to identify the awareness training required to improve an organisations cyber security posture. In addition, BIT Security is part of the BIT Group (Formerly known as Bluescreen IT), within which we work closely our colleagues at BIT Training. As a training provider, BIT Group has delivered both vendor training and bespoke training to private and public entities, including the NHS, MOD, and various IT departments across the UK. Our close working partnership with our colleagues in our training division allows us to select training modules that we feel will not only improve an organisation’s ability to prevent cyber-attacks, but also identify the training that will best deliver its content to users, based on its quality and delivery style.


Phish Button to Report


This is a button integrated into your email client add-on that facilitates the reporting of suspected phishing emails. Your team can immediately share with us an email that they think is a Phish or potential threat. Keeping your team aware of threats and having an easy system in which they can report, check it is safe to open and ensure the safety of your organisation and data.


Enterprise Level Password Management


Your cyber security action plan should start with password security. Over 80% of data breaches are related to weak or stolen passwords. The password is often the only thing protecting confidential business plans, intellectual property and network access. Despite this employees and contractors often use weak passwords or reuse them.  

We have partnered with Keeper security to offer our clients a market-leading enterprise-level password management system.

Keeper’s platform gives administrators the power to fine tune their organisation’s access levels to critical data and credentials across individuals and teams. Keeper uses role-based access control (RBAC) to support least-privileged access and tracks all user activity from every location and on every device.

Keeper generates high-strength, random passwords and enables secure sharing among users and teams. Create shared team folders and restrict whether users can add, remove, modify or share records.



Microsoft OneDrive Back-up


Automatic and managed backups for Microsoft OneDrive accounts. Automated backups (mailboxes, teams, OneDrive and SharePoint), Recovery (mailboxes, teams, OneDrive and SharePoint), Windows-based endpoint backup and recovery, backup account activity audit.


Microsoft Sharepoint Back-up


Automatic and managed backups for Microsoft SharePoint sites. If you suffer a data loss we will be able to restore your data.


Endpoint Detection and Response


Endpoint security is complicated, but the solution should not be. A single lightweight agent that can be deployed immediately and scaled quickly with little effect on endpoint performance is the most effective approach. Reduce the time spent by your IT team checking and actioning incident reports.


Threat Hunting


With Falcon OverWatch, CrowdStrike stops more than 15,000 breach attempts every year across its global customer base located in 176 countries. In addition, customers benefit from the crowdsourcing power of CrowdStrike’s fully cloud-based platform as each attack detection feeds into defenses for the entire community.


Email Security and Filtering


Email attacks are still the number 1 vector of attack for those looking to gain entry into your environment, through phishing, spam and business email compromise, attackers have a vast arsenal of weapons at their disposal, Hornet security’s email security system provides a defence against any email based attack, and can be supplemented with backup facilities for your virtual machine and 365 environments.

365 Total Protection Business.
Email live tracking, infomail handling, content control, compliance filter, spam and malware protection, outlook allow list and deny list, individual user signatures, 1-click intelligent Ads, Company Disclaimer, Global S/MIME & PGP Encryption, Secure Cipher Policy Control


Multi-factor Authentication


Add defence-in-depth to your user accounts with additional authentication.

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