Be proactive with
your Cyber Security

This package provides just the right amount of robustness your business needs at a minimal cost. Secure critical areas of business risk, Endpoints, identities and people. Ensure your team are trained, aware of current and likely threats and are able to act, report and ensure your business and your data are kept safe. This package includes a variety of tools that will protect your business from attacks. We provide you with all the knowledge and support you need to stay safe online. 

  • We integrate the software and manage the ongoing deployment.
  • We train your staff using Simulated Phishing Campaigns and trigger further training based on their responses.
  • We keep your team aware of security issues and types of scams to look out for.  

Cyber Security should not be considered an afterthought, but instead be seen as a proactive measure needed to protect online resources, customer data, and company information.  

Your Essentials Package
includes the following software


Next-Gen Anti-Virus


We deploy CrowdStrike which uses world-class AI, the CrowdStrike Security Cloud identifies shifts in adversarial tactics, to automatically prevent threats in real-time, keeping you ahead of today’s threats and stop a breach. CrowdStrike uniquely uses behaviour-based identifiers to stop all forms of malware,

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Simulated Phishing Campaigns


We integrate KnowBe4, sending simulated phishing campaigns to your team, testing their awareness regularly and ensuring they are looking out for phishing emails with threat-based links/files.


Bespoke Security Awareness


Our team utilises KnowBe4 creating a 12 month schedule of training curating professionally crafted training modules, videos games and assessments to keep your team engaged, interested and aware of the latest threats. This process improves security culture in your organisation, raises awareness of common attack vectors and reduces the risk of the number 1 method of attack.


Phish Button to Report


This is a button integrated into your email client add-on that facilitates the reporting of suspected phishing emails. Your team can immediately share with us an email that they think is a Phish or potential threat. Keeping your team aware of threats and having an easy system in which they can report, check it is safe to open and ensure the safety of your organisation and data.

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